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How to made a copy of a MySql database using the console.

Some times I happened that, I need get a copy of a data base running on MySql but the server can’t access using some graphical tools how MySql Workbench or HeidiSQL. If you also happened, don’t turn crazy, if you have access to the server using the linux console, exist an alternative. You can generate a copy of your data base using the program mysqldump that is common that this installed in the most servers that have installed the MySql service (for make maintenance of him).

For extract the data base info and save in a file, you must execute the next command:
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Example of css for create webs with Responsive design.

Recently, increasingly required me that the sites that I build, will fit on the usual screen size and not only create a unique size of the site (in resume, the companies are demanding more that us webs pages will have the Responsive design)

For we can make it, until now, we will specified the hight and width in percent but sometimes, the result is far to the we will like. But now, with css3 and us media queries, this is possible.
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Language Selector Related Plugin for WordPress

Long time ago, round with my brain the idea of write mi blog in other languages but the last political changes of google about duplicate content and inability of WordPress for relate content in other languages had to desist my attempt to do.

Talking with a friend about this, he animate to write a plugin for worpress but I did not know how to start until I went to wordpess congress in Seville (Spain) and get up my curiosity for this CMS, After return of the congress, I decided researched for know how works WordPress and his framework, and the result called language-selector-related plugin for WordPress.
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