Resize lot of images quickly with Gimp.

One of the functions that Gimp don’t have is, the possibility of edit more images both using same parameters (for example, resize all images of the last excursion to acceptable width for publish in Internet).

After I research, I found a plug-in for Gimp called DBP (David’s Batch Processor) that, although in some Linux distributions (how ubuntu or suse) o Mac, the installation is so easy (only need looking in your repositories and install), on other Linux distributions how Fedora, is a little more complex, so then, I detailed how install this plug-in if someone helps you.

First, you need install Gimp and the development package for compile plug-ins. Also you need install the packages make, glibc-devel, gcc, gcc-c++, kernel-headers and cpp.

View Code SHELL
# yum install gimp gimp-devel  make glibc-devel gcc gcc-c++ kernel-headers cpp

When you has installed this. You must download the plug-in DBP from the official web ( and uncompress in the Gimp plug-ins directory.

Gimp directory plug-ins How know where Gimp looking us plug-ins (depends of your operating system and distribution), the best way is open Gimp and go to menu Edit -> Preferences and search the option Folders -> Plug-ins and in this window, you can look the directory that use Gimp for the plug-ins.

When the uncompress is complete, go to the directory when the plug-in is uncompressed and execute next command:

View Code SHELL
$ make install

If everything went well, the installation has finished.

For use this plug-in, only you need open the Gimp and go to the menu Filters -> Batch Process and the plug-in began start. If you don’t find this option in your menu, probably your installation has not finished correctly. I tried install the DBP in the 2.8.2 version of Gimp and works well.

If anybody need help, can write me and I try to help as you can.

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