Who am I?

Ruben Vasallo GonzalezI a Passionate barcelones of informatica and bikes. Two things that I have liked long time ago.

Since 2003 began to study superior degree of Application Development, I have not stopped growing professionally improving day by day my development methodologies and overcoming the challenges they were asking me every day.

In January 2010, after I approve my final project for finish my Technical Engineering in Computer Science Career, I became interested in the Internet world and, although I do not consider it a genius, today I can say that I defend in this field.

If you want, you can contact me (for questions or any thing) via skype (user ruben.vasallo) or send email to ruben@vasallo.me.uk

Some of the projects in which I have participated:

Web for locate petrol stations near or your location (using geolocation) in Spain. I have got pendent finish the design of the front end and finish some little details but this web use css3 and media queries (responsive design) for adapt the content to the device that are showing the site.

Technologies used:

WEB I have participated in Short description and technologies used
humansfinder.com Personal project Searcher of humans that they are used the Humanstxt project for diffuse his professional work. This web have a back panel for manage the front and a bot that crawler by the network, websites that they are joined to Humanstxt project, download and process the file for next, the users can search the info about the webs
that they are joined to humanstxt project and the people that they are participate on it.

Technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3 (responsive design), Jquery, Symfony 2.4, PHP5.4, MySql

www.tiching.com Expansion of functionality Social network focused to schools and university. I have worked on team, extending the functionalities of social network. Also, I have created the two themes of the corporate blogs developed on WordPress.

Technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHP5.4, MySql, Solr,
Yii Framework, WordPress

Creation of the webs. (layout and development) Wired of casual games in flash.

Technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, MySQL, Javascript (JQuery).

wordpress.org/plugins/language-selector-related/ Creation of the plugin. Plug-in “language selector related” for WordPress Plug-in that permit relate contents in more languages of different blogs for avoid duplicate content.

Technologies used:

necesitogasolina.es Personal project
Expansion of functionality Blog with news focused on men and women.

Technologies used:
HTML4, CSS, ASP, SQLServer, Javascript (JQuery)

servifutbol.com Expansion of functionality Blog of news focused on sports.

Technologies used:
HTML4, CSS, Zend Framework, MySQL, Javascript (JQuery)

www.tumanitas.com Expansion of functionality of the last version Technologies used:
HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, MySQL, Javascript (JQuery)
el preguntometro Final career project This is My FPC (Final project career) of the University. The project seeks that how use facebook connect to adapt your web content that the preferences of the users showing the content that they like and increase the possibilities of the customers will go to you like “buying a product o service, etc…” (probably, this not work now because the facebook connect has got more reviews from 2010 but you can download the project and view the code from the repositories of the university)

Technologies used:
HTML4, CSS, PHP5, MySQL, Javascript (JQuery), Facebook connect

emdoc.upc.edu Expansion of functionality and fixed bugs (Design and development). It was perhaps the most war project that gave me for the multitude of technologies that were applied in it. Emdoc is an editor include multimedia content currently used in the UPC to edit books and student notes.

Technologies used:
HTML4, CSS, ASP, MySQL, ORACLE, Javascript (JQuery), Servlets JAVA

shoponline.precintia.com Creation of the webs. (layout and development) Simple shop online. I made design and development.

Technologies used:
HTML4, CSS, PHP4, MySQL, Javascript

www.hotellacoma.com Creation of the webs. (layout and development) Technologies used:
HTML4, CSS, PHP4, MySQL, Javascript

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