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Testing plugins and problems that I had got when I used wordpress

Language Selector Related Plugin for WordPress

Long time ago, round with my brain the idea of write mi blog in other languages but the last political changes of google about duplicate content and inability of WordPress for relate content in other languages had to desist my attempt to do.

Talking with a friend about this, he animate to write a plugin for worpress but I did not know how to start until I went to wordpess congress in Seville (Spain) and get up my curiosity for this CMS, After return of the congress, I decided researched for know how works WordPress and his framework, and the result called language-selector-related plugin for WordPress.
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Redirecting images in WordPress

This week I have had the opportunity for go to a WPO event that reviewed how rise the performance of a blog based in WordPress and I decided apply some ideas that were presented there in my blog.

One of the things that were spoken is that necessary separate the statics (or uploads) of the principal domain for lower the time of loading page (because much of popular navigators loads the contents in parallel mode if they have different domains between they).
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